Trip So Far

End of Trip Day 610:

  • 1020 Days ago, left Sturgeon Bay
  • 610 Days spent aboard WaterMarks
  • 510 Days spent at home
  • 143 Travel Days
  • 7000 Miles traveled
  • 4300 Gallons of Fuel
  • 61 Locks
  • 12 States visited

Key Learnings:

  • We didn't plan to take three years to do this trip, however, it looks promising that we will complete the trip by the end of August this year!
  • Now that we have spent the last three winters in Florida, the journey of the Great Loop Trip has become a warm-weather lifestyle .
  • Based on the total number of bottles of Champagne consumed (whenever friends visit our boat), a significant number of Wisconsin based friends also have adopted Florida winter living.
  • New favorite saying:  "there are always two things broken on a boat, the captain only knows about one of them"
  • Using Headsets while docking really are "marriage savers"


Submitted by Herk on
"....the Captain only knows about one of them" -- LOLOL! equal parts frightening and hilarious.

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