What a Week!!

  • It was Beautiful 'til the Windlass Broke and Linda Had to Drive
  • First Running Gear Checkup
  • Turtles at Green Turtle Bay Marina
  • WaterMarks at Clarksville, TN
  • Tootsie's for Lunch
  • The Whole Group at Tootsie's in Nashville
  • Nashville is a Great City to Explore
  • Linda's Kind of Lunch
  • Golf Cart Ride During Rush Hour?
  • Batman Building in Nashville
  • Marlene, Barb & Linda...So Good to Share with Friends
  • Printers Alley...Best Little Two Block Alley in Nashville
  • Country Music Hall of Fame
  • It's Fun Being Silly Once in Awhile

We arrived at Green Turtle Bay on Sunday, Sept. 1.  We had a lot of firsts this past week!  Early in the week we spent time at Green Turtle Bay troubleshooting a windlass problem, which culminated in needing to order a complete new system. When we arrived at Green Turtle Bay (GTB) in Grand Rivers, KY, we were able to immediately get the boat lifted, as Conrad wanted to check on a vibration.  As it turned out, we were missing one of the anodes on a drive shaft and the other one was very loose.  Got them replaced and vibration gone.  On Tuesday, Sept. 3, Ron and Marlene Hilger joined us at GTB, and together we took our first side trip, a 320-mile round trip run to Nashville on the Cumberland River.  As a surprise to them, we coordinated with friends, Steve and Barb Bendall, to join us for the two days that we actually spent in Nashville and we had quite a time.  We definitely enjoyed the fun of having friends join us, the great food and music (and a few drinks) in Nashville, and just the vibe of this city.  We visited the Country Music Hall of Fame, Marathon Motor Works, had lunch at Tootsie's, and found Printers Alley.  (Linda's Mom kept telling us that we needed to visit Newspaper Alley while we were in Nashville...she loved it 60 years ago...she just got the name a bit mixed up.)  We stayed at a marina about 8 miles from the city and used Uber.  Here is a travel tip: When renting one of those 6 passenger golf carts for a quick tour of the city, choose the forward facing seats.  We were the "lucky" ones who got to sit in the back seat facing traffic and along with a crazy driver jiving to music, Linda did not enjoy having cars come up behind you and nearly touch your toes!  On Saturday morning we did the return trip to GTB and said our good-byes to Ron & Marlene so it is once again just the two of us on the boat.  We will remain at Green Turtle Bay, until Sunday, 9/15.  Hopefully by that time Conrad will have the new windlass installed and we will continue our trek south down the Tennessee River for another side trip to Chattanooga.  It has been really hot in these parts the last couple of weeks.  In the 90's with high humidity.  


Submitted by Herk on
What a funny post! The turtles are amazing. --Very glad that the vibration was easily correctable. "Soup of the Day" -- LOL

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